A guide to new media language tools

When the habit of FaceTime surpassed the occurrence of face time, our immersion into the digital world was complete.

Did Apple know the import of naming its video calling feature ‘FaceTime’ when it launched? Did anyone think GIFs could become a utility, not just a frivolity, to keep emotions moving in our suddenly static lives? Could text have become the medium of choice in our celebrated oral culture? Not to forget, did you think emojis could have spawned the next generation of crossword puzzles?

Tools of the new world: New Media Languages

Emojis, GIFs, Memes have been around for a while…

This article was written in 2018

Spoken word, a form of storytelling ferociously claimed by the millennial generation, to tell their stories.

Stories are the way we make sense of the world. They build the context around a period of time through plots and characters that help identify the spirit of the times, as well as give the audience a window to escape their reality and immerse themselves in a fictional universe.

The Indian millennial has grown up on “stories” synonymous with “love stories” (championed by Bollywood) or mythical tales from the past (championed by grandma’s stories), both a large part of erstwhile Indian pop culture. …

This article was written in 2018

Indian millennials are newly bitten by the #wanderlust bug. It started with their phone screens and has now spread to their phone covers, T-shirts, notebooks, keychains and other kitsch stuff. Geography teachers from back in the day would kill to garner such popularity for world maps.

Travel trends in India point towards the desire for escape, especially from jobs, that overworked millennials are thirstily seeking. Bollywood and Instagram obviously add to the drama by creating delicious portraits of the traveller that everyone wants to devour and also become.

The rise in travel aspirations tells…

This article was written in 2018

The dreams of a generation are a reflection of their reality, the ground zero from which they wish to take off. For the millennial generation, ground zero looks pretty damn good — full of possibilities to seize. Everything seems to be working in their favour, from having the world at their fingertips to opportunities in their laps. One can’t help but wonder then, what are their dreams like — how big a leap are they taking from reality and how far can they really go before something snaps?

Dreams are served on a platter…

As I write this article, BTS have just released the leading single from their second full-length album for the year. The single is called ‘Life Goes On’, and it “echoes, in a low voice, the comforting message that in the face of unexpected turns, Life Goes On…”. Most of the song, like most of their music, is in Korean. But the three English words are designed to be the slogan for 2020.

Since its premiere about an hour ago, the video has gathered close to 12 million views, but that’s not new news for multi-record setting pop phenomenon. …

Did you know you could
summon the sound of the ocean
just by breathing deep
and paying attention?

Waves rise and fall
(you would see)
to the notes you make,
conductor of the symphony.

Oceans sing inside you
a pumping force prolific.
You are the universe,
you are here making music.

I believe cooking teaches you about detail. Every time you pick up a spoon to scoop up some masala, or something as basic as salt, you pay close attention to the quantity, even if just for a second, before you take the leap and pour the contents of the spoon into the pan/pot. Slowly, every detail becomes a memory, and every detailed memory adds to your your intuition.

The capacity for detailing develops as one cooks more willingly and often. As you go along, you develop instincts, like that of a mother’s hand (maybe not as good). You learn to…

no i will not venture
to trace the path of trees
nor will i stoop to measure
tiles with my knees

the world outside is dangerous
it’s etched on my palms
a lesson from the wayward
who really meant no harm

so i will not be curious
about where the dirt trail goes
or why the crows are furious
(maybe they just want to be left alone?)

a child ought to stay
within the creator’s bound
she must look for play
in a slow moving merry-go-round

Standing in the train
in a space just worth two small feet
the handle bar is high up
everyone’s found solace
in phone screens.

I’m teetering and lurking
doing what the voyeur does best.

Across my unsteady frame
two sharp eyes
on a face wrapped up in silk
peep unabashedly
into my life.

The voyeur is being watched
with unmatched curiosity.

Her look is steady
composed as a matter of practice
but her face is alive
with currents scarcely
in one’s notice.

In a conflict of gazes
boundaries begin to dissolve.

Piercing eyes alarm the unselfconscious
design of my body:
carefully clung on clothes
perfumed with an air
of indifference.

Imagination advances to touch
the darkness done up in kohl.

My portrait in her eyes
the voyeur in disguise -
what a colourful sham
living in non belief and paying
for lies.

I’m about to lie to you.
Where? At home
How? Alright
What? Nothing
My life silent like the sea
calm on the surface
simmering underneath.

We’re in a maze
(this relationship)
full of expectations and dead ends
and foul play.
The promise of freedom
at every turn,
denied at the next.

The maze is built with love
its walls reek
of affection unreceived
as I trample upon
expectations put to anxious rest
waiting to be noticed.
But I look away.

I look into the blank
space beyond the counter
as I lie to you
and reassure you
that I’m still the child
you raised me…

Nidhi Sinha

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